For the Colony by the Colonists
The Crater Token is 100% community driven so everyone is welcome to contribute without asking the permission from the dev. Every holder has the power to impact the population of the currency. And for every trade, 4% is redistributed back to all holders and 2% is distributed to the locked liquidity for every sale, benefiting the community long term.
The journey begins here
The first step is to become a holder. Then we can begin to colonize Mars.

How to participate

Social media

For faster growth and better traction, follow Mars Crater on social medias. This will make us reach out to a a bigger audience.


To paraphrase what a famous man once said.
Instead of asking what the community can do for you, what can you do for the community?

To be helpful, positive and creative. Come up with ideas on how to improve the community further and share your thoughts on telegram. The more people engage in this project the better it will flourish.


Nothing in this world comes for free, to get value work needs to be done.

Isnt Crater token on your favourite site yet? Or maybe the token icon is missing. Its probably because no one has requested it yet. This is something anyone can do.