Completed Audit, moving on to listings and Wallet Tracker

This week we started off strong moving on from our free audit to getting the full audit from You can see the full audit here.

Whats next?
Some of our dedicated members are working on establishing listings from CoinGecko. As soon as that is done, we move on with CoinMarketCap due to some requirements. This will be expected within 7-10 days.

Also another member have written our first draft of the Crater whitepaper, coming to the website shortly.

Wallet Tracker
Two of our developers and the designer continues to work on the frequently requested Wallet Tracker, parallel to this we also work on a live chart. We belive this will add significant value to $Crater.

More info in telegram and devlog next week!
We wish you a wonderful week and keep up the good spirits as always in telegram, twitter and all other social medias!