Progress with Wallet tracker and unfortunate delays with CG listing

While the Devs have been working on the Wallet tracker, we’ve also been waiting for the CoinGecko listing. Unfortunately there seems to be a lot problems and queues associated with beeing listed on CoinGecko in these hectic times. Therefor, we will just have to be cool and hope it goes through any day now.

Wallet Tracker getting closer to testing phase

Wallet and Chart API is ready for for frontend implementation. The devs who is working on it claims that it will be better optimized than whatever our competitors have, which I personally believe after seeing the code.

There is some good news about DEX/Farms too. Alot of progress there as well, this will be released after the Wallet tracker and Chart since it needs some more time for optimization. More info about this will come within the next couple weeks.

 The code itself will be the one that is used in PancakeSwap but with Goosedefi modifications and absolute 0-fee staking (Apart from what BSC is taking for transactions). It will be also available publicly on our GitHub repo.

Website 2.0 will release together with Wallet

To spice things up a bit, the initial release of the wallet tracker will also come with a complete revamp of the current website. This due to attract some new potencial holders with a more welcoming website and extra hype of this soon to come big update.


Twitter being twitter

We have had some trouble with twitter, our account and also accounts for members in the community have been banned. There was no reason given but we have now appealed it and just have to wait for their response.